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Apartmenty Melantrich - Václavské náměstí - guest reviews and rating

Celkově: 83%
Pokoje: 90% Čistota: 90%
Personál: 77% Služby: 77%
Jídlo: 30% Poloha: 93%
Klid: 97% Poměr cena / hodnota: 90%
  • German Tourist (Skupina přátel), Ne 6.4.2014

    We had two apartments booked for 4 people each. Unfortanetly we were seperated and lived in two different buildings. The first apartment was located in the main building in which a lot of young tourist groups were living. The other apartment was in a building where there was only this one apartment and besides of that there were some families living in that building and there where some buisness apartments. The apartments were really big and nice furnitured. They were clean and in a good condition for such low pricing.

    Our answer: Dear Sirs,
    Thank you for your respond to our e-mail and please accept our apologies for any inconvience caused.

    I have just talked to the manager of the apartments, Mrs. Seibtova, she confessed that she had accidentally
    misplaced your reservation.

    As an apology for it, she upgraded you to a better apartment - Two-bedroom apartment (your original reservation was for One-bedroom apartment) in Stepanska street, very close to Wenceslas Square.

    We are again very sorry for any inconvience caused and hope that except for this, you were able to enjoy your
    time in Prague.

    Kind regards from Prague,

    Alena Obstova
    Relations Manager

    Milady Horakove 116/109
    160 00 Prague 6 - Hradcany
    Czech Republic
    Tel: +420 - 277 004 677
    Fax: +420 - 277 004 678

    www.a-hotel.com . www.athos-travel.com


    • price; big, clean, safe apartments; very good location


    • unfriendly staff; not everything worked out in the beginning (Reservation got lost, heating was broken...), apartments not all in one building
    Hodnocení hostů: 70%

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  • Marek Miklíček (Skupina přátel), Út 30.8.2011


    Hodnocení hostů: 100%

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  • Harish Mistry (Skupina přátel), So 30.9.2006

    Great location exactly as described on the website. Easy check in/out. Staff were friendly and helpful. Apartments had ample space for the group and the faclities around the location were very well placed.

    Thanks you for making it a plesant stay. If we decide to come again to Prague, then the travelling group would have no hesitation to stay again as these beautiful apartments.

    Harish Mistry


    • Excellent apratments in a great location
    • We had 7 persons per room and all very comfortable


    • One of unused beds in 407, the booton was loose with nails visible
    • The second bathroom in 407 have no hot water
    • Both bathrooms in 407 had no shower curtain and nothing to mop the floor
    Hodnocení hostů: 80%

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